About Us

Drakakis Tours was founded in 1993 by George Drakakis, a Kytherian businessman.  The agency focused primarily on running the local bus routes, organizing excursions and providing ferry and air tickets for the local population.
The name drakakis tours quickly became synonymous with coach and bus travel on Kythira, not solely because we were the only agency to own our own vehicles but also due to our attention to detail and excellent level of service.  These qualities ensured that our agency became recognized not only locally but throughout Greece and even further afield.  As a result we are proud travel partners of Acadimos Travel, Balakakis Travel, Vrakas, Tours, Kyriakakis Travel, Manessis Travel, Ross Holidays, El Greco Tours, Herodotous Tours, My Sun & Sea, Variety Cruises and many more.

In addition to this ever expanding list of partners we also provide specialist travel services for the majority of special interest clubs and associations that regularly visit our beautiful island. Examples include the Hiking Association of Athens, The Greek Mountaineering Club of Acharnon, the Hiking Club PANAS, Panteion University, The Hiking Association of Heraklion, Crete, the Nature Appreciation Society of Heraklion, Crete and the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature.

Having firmly established the family company as the foremost travel agency on Kythira George Drakakis then passed on the responsibility to his son Panagiotis Drakakis in 2008. The same year Panagiotis founded “drakakis rent a car” with an initial fleet of 10 vehicles. Armed with an extensive knowledge of the travel industry, thanks to more than 15 years experience in the family business, and the already sterling reputation of drakakis tours, drakakis rent a car quickly expanded and is now, six years later, the second largest car hire company on the island with a fleet of 80 vehicles.

In 2011 further services were introduced to enable our customers to book ferry tickets to the Aegean islands, Crete and even Italy via the port of Patras on the Peloponnese. In addition we also made it possible to book domestic and international air travel through a variety of airlines.

Since 2012 we also provide general agency and VIP services to the many private yachts and cruise ships that visit the island.

Despite the introduction and development of all these new services we still recognize that the provision of quality coach travel remains at the heart of our business. In 2012 our exclusive partners El Greco Tours, on behalf of the Danish tour operator Primo Tours, awarded us the best transportation company in Greece, so it’s nice to know that others recognize it too!

We would like to thank you for your continuing trust and support and promise we will maintain, and strive to improve, our high standards and quality of services into the future.